July 26, 2018

Delta Cargo, ACS and OCC make history with the largest cargo revenue flight ever

Delta Cargo recorded the largest ever revenue result for a single flight of $254,000 on July 10 on DL200 from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa, with Cargo accounting for over 40 percent of the total revenue.This surpasses the previous revenue record of $133,000 set by a flight from Tokyo Narita International Airport to Los Angeles in 2015. Delta’s flight revenue was generated by global account, Hellmann Worldwide, who needed to urgently move critical manufacturing components from BMW’s plant in Greer, S.C. to their manufacturing plant in South Africa to prevent a factory stoppage or “line-down” situation for the production of BMW’s X5 SUV model.

The car parts were shipped using Delta Cargo’s newly launched international product called Equation Critical. The white glove service provides customers with a dedicated acceptance point, direct oversight by the Cargo Control Center and Operations along with GPS tracking and guaranteed access to aircraft capacity.

“Delta Cargo made history thanks to the creative planning and execution by Cargo Sales, Revenue Management, Operations, Day of Departure, ACS and the OCC,” said Shawn Cole, Delta Cargo’s Vice President.”It really was a great team effort and thank you to all of those involved who really made that Delta difference creating a very happy and now loyal customer.”

Johann Schiegl, Manager of Material Control and Procurement for BMW Group, praised the Delta team saying,”The reputation of Delta Cargo has grown immensely within the BMW Group in the past six months. Your people have delivered a quality of service that has exceeded our expectations.”

On the day, the Cargo and Passenger Operations departments joined together to execute a smooth logistics and communications flow.To make this happen the ACS team bulk loaded over 100 passenger bags in the final moments before departure, the OCC and Day of Departure team worked together to maximize capacity by creating space for an additional cargo pallet, lastly the Cargo Ops team met the customer at acceptance and created an assembly line to build and weigh the freight despite bumping against the cut-off time.