June 19, 2019

Delta employees take the case against Qatar Airways to Capitol Hill

Dozens of front-line Delta employees recently came to Capitol Hill to urge Members of Congress to enforce our aviation trade agreements with Qatar and the UAE and to protect American jobs.

Under a new 2018 agreement, Qatar agreed not to introduce any new flights to the United States from Europe. But now, Qatar is using massive government subsidies to work around this commitment and launch new routes to the U.S. through its stake in Air Italy.

“Air Italy is a proxy for Qatar Airways,” said Captain Chris Logan. “They have given Air Italy 30 wide body aircraft, 20 narrow body aircraft and now they are operating to four different destinations in the U.S. with plans to fly to even more. We need to put a stop to this. Air Italy would not exist without subsidies from the government of Qatar.”

Employees from across the company came together to meet with Members of Congress and their staff to explain the issue and press for action on their behalf.

“It’s time to start writing the Congressman and Senators and get everyone reengaged,” said Fred Freeney, TechOps ATL employee. “We need to let them know how serious this is and what it could do to us in the future.”

“I want to save my job. I love Delta and I want to make sure we’re around in the future,” said Karen Woodward, Flight Attendant, ATL.

Since we re-launched the #OurFutureOurFight campaign last month, nearly 9,000 Delta employees have written more than 22,000 emails to the White House and their members of Congress.

You can help us lead the fight against Qatar and to restore a level playing field by sending an email to the White House and your congressional representative and sharing via your social channels.