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August 23 2021
Applications for Delta’s Propel College Career Path Program now open

Students from Delta's 12 partner universities can apply now through Sept. 17 to the Propel program, Delta’s accelerated flight deck career path program.

The Propel program launched in 2018 and has accepted hundreds of students. After a rigorous interview and evaluation process, Delta will offer successful candidates a qualified job offer, detailing a defined path and accelerated timeline to become a Delta pilot.

In addition, selected candidates will accumulate flight hours by instructing at the university where they trained, and then will have the option to fly for one of the Delta Connection Carriers or fly military aircraft for the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserves. Delta will offer the selected candidates one-to-one mentoring with an experienced Delta pilot. 

Apply now here.

The full list of Propel partner universities includes:

Additional information about the program and the airline's partner universities can be found on the Propel website.