Currently, we’re looking to fill more than 3,000 flight attendant positions for 2020 – and looking into the next decade, Delta plans to hire more than 8,000 pilots to staff the thousands of daily flights we operate around the world as other pilots approach the mandatory retirement age.

In fact, Delta has conducted years of research to create a pilot outreach and pathway program that will inspire and attract the next generation of pilots.  The Propel program will provide a defined, accelerated career path for future aviators.

Propel Pilot Career Path Program

This industry-leading program will help Delta identify, select and develop the next generation of pilots.  The program complements the traditional, existing paths to becoming a Delta pilot, including recruiting and hiring pilots currently flying in the airline, military and corporate sectors, and has three main areas of focus — college, company and community.  This three-pronged approach will help Delta support future aviators as well as current Delta employees who have a passion for aviation and a strong interest in becoming a Delta pilot.

Additional information about the program and the airline’s partner universities can be found on

Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

The Delta TechOps facility has more than 9,000 technical operations employees that provide full-service aviation maintenance to Delta and service our fleet of 800 aircraft. In addition, TechOps provides complete maintenance for more than 150 other operators including the U.S. military.

But more than 30 percent or 2,000 aviation maintenance technicians or AMTs at Delta TechOps will be eligible for retirement in a decade and as part of our commitment to educate future aviation professionals, Delta has partnerships with more than 47 Maintenance Training programs across the U.S. to help identify, mentor and source the next generation of AMTs.

Through these partnerships, we offer tours, job shadows and career guidance for the schools as well as training opportunities for instructors.  Where possible, we donate serviceable parts, engines and airframes to give students even more real-world maintenance experience working with jet aircraft components.

These partnerships complement the airline’s recruiting structure of working with the U.S. military and regional airlines.